Mini Virtual Private Servers

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Mini Virtual Private Servers

My business operation requires little computing resources and needs a value for money solution.

There is a special solution for you: Mini Virtual Private Servers (VPS) is the ideal solution for low computing demands, such as website hosting and application testing, where shell/RDP access is required. With our solution we provide you with Instant access, auto-provisioning and no setup fees while your server is provisioned and hosted on Cablenet’s secure fully redundant Cloud infrastructure.

Mini Virtual Private Servers offer you a flexible and affordable solution to meet you basic computing needs.

Major benefits include:

  • Value for money
  • Reliability: your server is located in the leading data centre in Cyprus
  • No Setup fee and the best value for a low-spec VPS

Features and advantages:

  • Οn-demand, self-managed virtual servers
  • Instant setup and auto-provisioning through our online store
  • Υour virtual server is provisioned in Cablenet’s secure Cloud infrastructure.

At Cablenet Business, we are fully in touch with your specific business requirements and are always able to offer you personalised and customised support from our specialised technical support personnel, according to your business needs. As a member of Cablenet Business, you have access to our unique customer service and support facilities:

  • Support from an expert technical team, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Telephone support via our Support Centre on 120
  • Email support
  • SMS – text us your company name on 8120 (free) and we will call you back

Additionally, we provide every customer of ours with:

  • Personalised attention from a dedicated Account Manager
  • Extended assistance and support from our pre- and post-sales teams
mini VPS miniVPS 10 Starting from €10.95 /month Linux miniVPS 20 Starting from €16.25 /month Linux Memory 1GB 2GB CPU 1GHz 1GHz Disk Space 10GB 20GB Incoming bandwidth transfer Unlimited Unlimited Outgoing bandwidth transfer 75GB/month 100GB/month Operating system Several Linux OS options Several Linux OS options Plesk panel FREE FREE 24x7 support via email Yes Yes 24x7 support via phone - - Setup fee FREE FREE Dedicated IP address 1 1 Snapshot weekly weekly
  • €10.95 / month
    (1 Year Plan)
  • €12.50 / month
    (6 Month Plan)
  • €16.25 / month
    (1 Year Plan)
  • €18.67 / month
    (6 Month Plan)
miniVPS 10: €10.95 / month
(1 Year Plan)
€12.50 / month
(6 Month Plan)
miniVPS 20: €16.25 / month
(1 Year Plan)
€18.67 / month
(6 Month Plan)
Memory miniVPS 10 1GB miniVPS 20 2GB CPU miniVPS 10 1GHz miniVPS 20 1GHz Disk Space miniVPS 10 10GB miniVPS 20 20GB Incoming bandwidth transfer miniVPS 10 Unlimited miniVPS 20 Unlimited Outgoing bandwidth transfer miniVPS 10 75GB/month miniVPS 20 100GB/month Operating system miniVPS 10 Several Linux OS options miniVPS 20 Several Linux OS options Plesk panel miniVPS 10 FREE miniVPS 20 FREE 24x7 support via email miniVPS 10 Yes miniVPS 20 Yes 24x7 support via phone miniVPS 10 - miniVPS 20 - Setup fee miniVPS 10 FREE miniVPS 20 FREE Dedicated IP address miniVPS 10 1 miniVPS 20 1 Snapshot miniVPS 10 weekly miniVPS 20 weekly
  • Prices do not include VAT
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