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National Networking Solutions (WAN)

My business requires a rapid and efficient permanent national networking solution.

We offer you the most rapid and efficient solution: National Networking Solutions (WAN) which best correspond to your expectations with their multiple characteristics:

  • Layer-2 (Ethernet) and Layer-3 (VPN) technology
  • Access to any business premises via Ethernet technology over three different mediums: optical fiber, coaxial cable and xDSL copper technology
  • Speed of up to 1Gbps.
  • Guaranteed capacity for all connected business points via SLA.
  • Upgrade without service interruption.
  • Plus, we can install your equipment for you, if you wish, with an additional charge

I took my decision (or just want to discuss more about my solution). What’s next?

Whether you wish to subscribe or you need more details just call us at 120 (or 357 22 260120 from abroad) or email us at A full description of your expectations will be transferred to one of our Sales Executives who will get back to you to propose a unique solution for your business.

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